Sunday, May 26, 2013

Opportunity for scholarship for youth leaders

Here is an excellent opportunity for young students, -- 2013 WISE Learners' Voice Program Application!

Please read the instruction carefully here:

Submission Period Is Open Until June 25, 2013, 18.00 GMT

> Nominate a learner to take part in the Program 
WISE invites representatives of institutions, organizations, programs and networks around the world to nominate highly motivated learners from very diverse educational paths and cultural backgrounds – and with outstanding or original academic/learning experiences – to participate in the WISE Learners' Voice Program. 

> As a learner, apply personally to take part in the Program
WISE is also inviting highly motivated learners to apply personally to take part in the Program by sending their application form endorsed by two referees.


Completed nomination and application forms should be submitted online by June 25, 2013, 18.00 GMT.

To submit your nomination or application, you will need to:
1/ Read the official criteria carefully 
2/ Choose and download the appropriate form (nomination versus application) 
3/ Complete all fields in English
4/ Submit your nomination or application in Word format (.doc)
You will then receive a confirmation email once you have submitted your nomination or application form.


[Visit Original Website here]

Monday, May 6, 2013

EED Scholarship Opportunity in Germany

Scholarship Opportunity in Germany 

General Information 
Development of human potential through tertiary education is an 
important contribution of the Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (EED - 
Church Development Service) to development that complements other 
forms of development co-operation aiming more directly at poverty 
The scholarship programme of EED serves the strengthening of 
ecumenical awareness and ecumenical co-operation. It provides a 
forum where people of different denominational, cultural, national, 
religious and ideological background can meet. 
The scholarship gives students the chance to enhance their knowledge 
and professional skills through higher studies and to gain a higher 
academic degree. The scholarship programme of EED neither 
sponsors individual careers nor the brain drain. Through purposeful 
further academic education it rather contributes to personnel 
development of institutions. 
Scholars are not only learners. Apart from their academic and 
professional qualification they carry experiences and knowledge which 
they can share. Especially the presence of ecumenical scholars as our 
guests in Germany provides a chance for ecumenical sharing and 
mutual learning in congregations, churches and universities. Living 
together with our guests we can experience the worldwide church and 
we can realize what our duty as Christians is in this world. In dialogue 
we can come to an understanding about the meaning of 'development' 
globally as well as locally. (read more by downloading the PDF above)

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